МОО «Национальная
Ассоциация яхт класса СБ20»

Master class for young sailors


SB20 class World championship is starting today at the Yacht Club of Saint — Petersburg. At 17:00 the official opening ceremony of the Championship will take place and at 18:00 the registration of participants will have closed.

A special event took place today before the practice race: the participants held a master class for the students of Sailing Academy of Yacht club of Saint Petersburg. Young sailors had a chance to sail a test race on SB20 as a crew or helm of some of the participating teams.

The Director of the Sailing Academy, Natalia Fedorova, is convinced such events make a memorable impression for young sailors and also are a good stimulus for further development as such practice is quite common all over the world at regattas. Event guests, sponsors, children are invited on board to be shown how great sailing is.

“The test racing was very interesting for children, as the participants of the World Championship are real stars for them! The competition is held at the Yacht Club of St. Petersburg, where our Academy is at home, that’s why we decided to use this chance. We talked to the Race Committee and the Organizing Authority of the Championship and they let us do this. As a result, more than 30 children participated in this master class. They were allocated to the teams on the yachts, to umpire boats and to the Race Committee. All in all, everything passed perfect and the young sailors were just delighted! One skipper exchanged all of his regular crew against children and they came forth! That caused a lot of jokes about the main crew…