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Vasily Grigoriev: Each year the SB20 competitions level increases


The helmsman of the team MST (RUS3722) Vasily Grigoriev – about the World Championship in Cascais, growing popularity of the SB20-class and their chances for winning the Russian Open-2016.


– You were 11th in Cascais. Can you share your impressions of it?

– This World championship has been pretty hard with high level of participants: most of the top-10 boats had at least one Olympic prize-holder aboard. To the last day no one could have say, who would take places from 5th to 10th. I mean, the winner was rather obvious. Certainly we were fighting till the very end and there were complicated wind conditions: one day the wind was strong and the next it became calm. So, it was very interesting!


– What mood do you have coming here?

– We are ready to fight and we want to win. But, again, there are a lot of strong sailors here. “Nika” is a high-level team, so are VIS Sailing Team and Melston Team – therefore, you can’t call this regatta easy. Last year we’ve taken part in it, and you’ve seen the level. I think, it will be not lighter, but harder. Moreover, waters here, in St. Petersburg, are tricky and it is very different from Portuguese. This season Vladimir Pushev (VIS Sailing team) performs very well, so does Melston Team. All in all, we expect the highest level.


– What can help you to win this time?

– Strong wind – it’s our conditions. Our common weight is just a little under the limit; therefore we make it well when the wind is strong. Weak wind – isn’t our story, and last year at the Championship it was evident: the first two days there was a gentle breeze and we haven’t showed good results. Then wind became stronger, and in the last two races we’ve finished first and second.


– What are your plans after the Russian Open finishes?

– This season there will be another regatta – Championnat de France (10.29 – 02.11., Hy?res), and we are going to participate in it. I think, that’s all for this year. Certainly, we hope to win there too, but French teams are very strong, especially those, that were in the Top-10 at Cascais. Actually, each year the SB20 competitions level increases, so there are no easy races remained.