МОО «Национальная
Ассоциация яхт класса СБ20»

The leader remains


Sixth race of the SB20 World Championship finished near 12:30. A French boat of Ed Russo (FRA 3706) was the first, who crossed the finish line. It is the second victory of the President of the International SB20 Class Association, but two UFD records in standings don’t give him chances to fight for prize places. Only handling of 9 races gives some chances to that team, because in that case there would be 2 discards.

In 6-th race second was Ruslana Taran (UKR 3261). Just like the French team, Ukrainian crew did this race pretty confidently, not giving anyone a chance to overtake them. After Ruslana came Evgeny Neugodnikov (RUS 3228). After the start she was in a second decade but step by step he was reaching higher and higher positions: 7-th at the first sign, 5-th at the second lap, 3-d at the finish.

Next triple of finished yachts (places 4-6) is: FRA 3653 (Salomon Matthieu), POR 3105 (Jose Paulo Ramada), UKR 3726 (Rodion Luka).