МОО «Национальная
Ассоциация яхт класса СБ20»

Results of the fifth race


A fifth race of the SB20 World Championship finished. From now there will be “ejections” of the worst result counting points at the tournament table. Sad, but for some yachts an “ejection” will be not just a bad result, but UFD – disqualification for the false start with “U” signal raised. Today there were five teams made that foul at the same time. Among them, there were teams fighting for prize places: Rodion Luka (UKR 3726), Vladimir Prosihin (RUS 3709) and Ruslana Taran (UKR 3261).

That race was won by the leader of competitions Evgeny Neugodnikov (RUS 3328), second place was taken by Edward Russo (FRA 3706). His compatriot Robin Follin (FRA 370) followed him. Teams of Rodion Luka and Vladimir Prosihin crossed the finish line fourth and fifth but according to reasons mentioned before each of them gains 49 points for this race. Points for the fourth place are given to Hugo Rosha (ESP 3711), who finished just after them. Five points for this race are given to a Portugal team of Jose Paulo Ramada (POR 3105), after him there will be names of the Russian crew Melston Team (RUS 3708) with Alexey Murashkin helmsman.