МОО «Национальная
Ассоциация яхт класса СБ20»

Racing Tuesday: resume of a day


Late at the evening white sheets of paper with current results appeared on a bulletin board. The first racing day was long and brought interesting results, even unexpected for certain.

Only few people could assume, that Ukrainian crew of Rodion Luka will have good results only at fourth race. Such profligacy at the beginning of the regatta complicates fight for gold medals. Evgeny Neugodnikov had perfect results: team from Yekaterinburg has 10 points now. Spanish crew of Hugo Rosha has 4 points of gap to Evgeny Neugodnikov. French team of Salomon Matthieu has 3 points of gap to Alexey Murashkin, as a result French crew stays at third place for today. Alexey Murashkin finished first at second race, but wasn’t stable in general. Today he had 8th, 1st, 6th and 6th places. The Championship will be considered valid if 5 races are completed. It means that one worst result can be excluded, if more than that 5 races will be handled. Team of the President of the National SB20 Class Association Edward Russo won first race, but then was disqualified twice because of false starts. Now they are on 24st place.

Race Officer Vladimir Komel noticed that teams should be more attentive to the signals: «Wind wasn’t strong today, it was necessary to treat the racing time, and after the first race was postponed, we decided to pursue all races but with «U» flag raised. Unfortunately, French team was twice punished for this rule. Also, I wish tactics and helmsmen quickly understand wind conditions at distance. Wind was steady, with headers, which are to be followed. Leaders have already adapted to these terms, but most of the teams haven’t, so they don’t pay attention on these terms and lose race positions.


Eugeniy Neugodnikov (RUS 3328):
– Today we are satisfied! These four races were held with a very weak wind, and we did not expect that we will have good speed. It allowed us to control rivals. Of course, in future we will try to make fewer mistakes. Our main task is to make our work qualitatively!

Rodion Luka (UKR 3726):
– Weather conditions were not good for us today: wind was too light, it was hard for us to fight. During the third race we made an inexcusable mistake, we started very bad. But in other races we were better, considering those wind conditions. If wind will be eight knots, I think we will do much better!

Edward Russo (FRA 3706):
– The Race Committee worked perfectly today and I am glad that we were able to held four races. In my opinion, wind was strong and races were interesting. At the second race I made a mistake: I didn’t pay attention that the Uniform flag was raised and we had false start while I maneuvered on the starting line, which eventually led to a loss of points.