МОО «Национальная
Ассоциация яхт класса СБ20»

A little bit of theory at morning


Tuesday morning, at a traditional skippers briefing, Principal Race Officer Hans Piter Hylander confirmed Race Committee intentions to handle 4 races today.
However, a favorable forecast for today (steady south-east wind 6-7 kn with gusts to 9 kn) promises good weather for races starts at dinner time. And now, in spite of pennants on St. Petersburg Yacht-club flagpoles cheerfully fluttered since early morning, wind is not enough for competitions.

At the same time, compelled waiting period isn’t wasted: a little seminar was organized, and the Chairman of the International Jury Chris Watts organized analyze of typical and arguable situations, which usually appear during races. Visual manuals were made at place, using means at hands.