МОО «Национальная
Ассоциация яхт класса СБ20»

First racing day has begun with a skipper briefing


Today Race committee decided to postpone the start of races. According to schedule, races were to start at 12 p.m. Also, the International Jury Chairman Chris Watts introduced the IJ members: Oleg Ilyin (RUS), Arto Kiiski (FIN), Yana Dobjitskaya (RUS), Costas Tsantilis (GRE) and the International Jury Observer Alexey Borisov (RUS). Then judges paid racer’s attention on some changes put in Sailing Instructions: they are about umpires’ penalties and fouls, defined like “pumping”. After this, the Deputy Race Officer Anna Deyanova told, that at midday jury will check the weather again, and decide about race starting.

Also, Oleg Ilyin noted the importance of reliable information, given by sailors during the hearing. Otherwise, jury can appoint another hearing, according to the rule 69 of ISAF RRS.
All information about Sailing Instructions changes is published at the bulleting board.