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The SB20 Class World Championship is open


The Opening ceremony of the SB20 Class World Championship has taken place on Sunday, September, 7. 150 sailors of 48 crews and 6 countries will compete for the title of the World Champion 2014. The competition is held by the Yacht Club of Saint-Petersburg, Russian SB20 Association and International SB20 class Association SB20 with the assistance of the Russian Sailing Federation (VFPS).

Eduard Russo, President of the International Association noticed great contribution of the organizers and especially of Oleg Zherebtsov in preparation of the regatta:

— I should say that it was very difficult to convince the foreign crews to come to St. Petersburg. We spent a lot of time for it with Oleg Zherebtsov. Thanks for foreign teams who decided to come here. I place hopes for coming competition and to our race! 28 race officers will take care of conducting the eventhere.

Deputy PRO, Anna Deyanova:

SB20 Class World Championship is a big event for each country, for each sport, for each class of yachts. It is the most important event in lives of each sailor! That`s why we are happy, that it is held here in the Yacht Club of St. Petersburg. I want to express mz gratitude to the organizers, who decided to hold Russian Open Championship prior to the World Championship. It was a good training not only for sailors, but also for us.

President of St.Petersburg Sailing Union, Sergey Alexeev shared his opinion about the upcoming event:

It’s a great honor, that Saint-Petersburg is hosting the World Championship. I hope, everything will run just fine!! The weather forecast promises good weather. The race officials and technical support are organized at the highest level. Our foreign colleagues have already expressed their appreciation. I hope that such competitions will increasingly take place in our area!

Upon opening ceremony the guests were entertained by the band SKAZY

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