SB20 Russian Open Championship: and the winner is … friendship!

Понедельник, 26 Авг, 2013 Russian-Spanish team of Hugo Rocha, Alexey Semenov and Fran Palacio masterfully win the event in overall standings leaving the title of the national champion to the fully Russian team of Valentin Uvarkin, Valery Zatsarinskyi and Elena Smirnova….. SB20 Russian Open Championship came to an end on August 26 with final three and a total […]

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SB20 Russian Open Championship: new leaders after the second racing day

Воскресенье, 25 Авг, 2013

The second racing day SB20 Russian Open Championship appeared to be extremely long. Again, a patchy wind dominated at the race course. After two abandonments, the race committee finally managed to pull out three good races. So the leader board has shuffled. “This was really hard day but we managed to stay focused” comments Alexey […]

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The SB20 Russian Open Championship started with a bang!

Суббота, 24 Авг, 2013

The SB20 Russian Open Championship regatta kicked off in style on 23rd August with 4 races completed in light winds. Competition was fierce right from the start. Each race brought up a new leader so consistency proved to be winning formula. Now, with first results posted, early leaders made a first step towards overall victory. […]

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The Russian SB20 Open National Championship attracted 31 entries!

Пятница, 23 Авг, 2013

The first warning signal of the SB20 Russian Open Championship has been just given. After two days training, tuning and measurement controls, thirty teams registered for the event, hosted by the St.Petersburg Yacht Club, Russia, are now ready for what promises to be a full force opening day. Given the list of competitors and level […]

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